Pack Walks


Nothing helps balance out the life of an “Urban Canine” quite like our behaviourally-focused, off-leash pack walk program.

For over a decade we have been offering this exceptional dog walking service in Ottawa, we believe that our professional approach, genuine love and understanding of dogs and our dedication to their owners is what has allowed us to retain our clientele for 10+ years!

Dogs, being social animals, absolutely thrive in the consistent, structured routine we adhere to which allows them: a clear understanding of our expectations, ample opportunity for appropriate social interaction and of course an energy outlet to self-regulate exercise and exploration. We are proud to offer our pack dogs the opportunity to get out of the house, go for a car ride, hang out with their buddies and burn off some extra energy all while being equally committed to positively influencing their mindset and behaviour.

We walk year-round in rain, snow and sunshine! However, the safety and well-being of the dogs is always our priority so we have numerous protocols in place for things like inclement weather and poor driving conditions.


all of our pack members an environment where they are equally advocated for and looked after like they are our own. We employ fair, balanced training methods and go the extra mile to instil: safe and appropriate social behaviours, respectful exit/entry of thresholds (ie: crate, door, car) and relaxed mindsets during transportation.

We take pride in offering a service that we feel allows our clientele and their dogs the chance to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life!

  • round trip transportation in our comfy van (AKA “The Dogmobile”) which is rubber-lined for hygiene and topped with absorbent dog mats for ultimate comfort; we have been told by clients that their dogs literally seek it out on their leashed walks!
  • 40-60* minute adventure at our privately rented acreage in Nepean which is complete with:  a huge, fully fenced, 6 acre grass area to run and explore, a stream to swim in, a canopied area for shelter and fresh water for drinking;
  • a controlled immersion into our behaviourally-based pack structure by very experienced and knowledgeable trainer;
  • peace of mind that you will always be informed of anything we feel is of concern or in need of attention;
  • daily photos and videos of our outings uploaded onto our Facebook & Instagram pages;
  • complimentary towelling off and quick tidying prior to drop off.

  1. a more relaxed & happy dog
  2. less stress & more time for busy owners
  3. provides an essential “potty-break”
  4. increased health & vitality for all ages
  5. additional nail trimming services offered
  6. additional training sessions & courses offered
  7. decrease in destructive & frustrated behaviours
  8. fully insured & first-aid certified business
  9. helps fulfill dogs’ psychological & physical needs
  10. consistent weekly schedules for stable pack dynamics
  11. provides one of the safest options available for socializing dogs
  12. ability to self-regulate exercise & an excellent outlet for high drive dogs
  13. highly successful methods for training reliable off-leash recall
  14. private 6 acre, fully fenced, dog park in Nepean with numerous benefits
  15. humane alternative for dogs subject to long days alone
  16. an ideal situation to allow your dog to gain confidence with others
  17. established in 2010, we have over a decade of professional experience offering services to all breeds
  18. behaviourally-focused program to ensure safety, comfort & enjoyment
  19. very dedicated “pack leader” who offers clients on-going support
  20. numerous protocols & effective training tools to maximize safety


Only Available on Consistent (on-going) Schedules of 2-5 Walks per Week

 PACK WALK: $36.50

*prices subject to change & HST