Providing top-notch dog walking and training services in Ottawa


Our Philosophy

Founded in January 2010, Urban Canine’s mission is to provide high-quality, balanced, and professional dog walking and training services in Ottawa West, serving Kanata, Stittsville, Bells Corners, and Nepean. At Urban Canine, we believe dogs thrive on routine, appropriate exercise, clear rules, balanced social interactions, and calm leadership. Our dedication to these principles, combined with over a decade of professional service and expertise, has led to our success in working with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments.

Meet Our Founder

Emily Cole with two dogs, Urban Canine Ottawa

Emily Cole, Owner/Operator, has a lifelong background in Ottawa’s animal care industry. Growing up in Kanata surrounded by various animals, Emily volunteered with local ranches, humane societies, and wildlife rescues. During her post-secondary education, where she completed her thesis on “The Impact of Companion Animals on Human Health,” Emily worked in pet health and nutrition while continuing her work in canine and equine rescue, rehabilitation, and behavior modification. After graduating with honors from Carleton University’s Psychology program, Emily founded Urban Canine and has continued her education in human and animal behavior, health, nutrition, exercise physiology, and holistic healing practices through ongoing courses from industry leaders worldwide.

Why Choose Urban Canine?

At Urban Canine, we specialize in professional dog walking and training services in Kanata, Stittsville, Bells Corners, and Nepean. Our expertise and passion for dogs, combined with our genuine dedication to our human clients, make us the top choice in Ottawa. We offer 1-on-1 dog training sessions and off-leash pack walks in a large, secure, fenced-in area. This allows your dog to enjoy the freedom and socialization they need in a safe environment. Our commitment is to improve the quality of life for both you and your furry friend. Visit our services page to learn more about how we can help you and your dog thrive.

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Service Areas

Serving Ottawa West and Beyond

  • Kanata: Enjoy our enriching off-leash dog walking services and 1-on-1 personalized training programs.
  • Stittsville: Benefit from our tailored 1-on-1 training sessions and secure off-leash dog walking services for your dog.
  • Bells Corners: Experience expert 1-on-1 training and safe, spacious off-leash dog walking services.
  • Nepean: Take advantage of our dedicated 1-on-1 training programs and engaging off-leash dog walking services.

Our Services

Personalized Dog Training

We offer expert 1-on-1 dog training sessions to build obedience and address specific behavioral issues. Whether you’re in Kanata, Stittsville, Bells Corners, or Nepean, our training programs are tailored to meet your dog’s unique needs, ensuring they learn and grow in a supportive environment.

Off-Leash Dog Walking

Our off-leash dog walking services provide a safe and fun experience for your dog. Conducted in spacious, fenced-in areas, these walks allow dogs to exercise and socialize freely. This service is available in all our locations, including Kanata, Stittsville, Bells Corners, and Nepean, promoting physical fitness and social skills.

Our services ensure your dog gets the exercise, socialization, and training they need to be happy and well-behaved. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your dog thrive.