About Us


Founded in January 2010, Urban Canine’s mission is to provide high quality, balanced and professional dog walking and dog training services in Ottawa West.

Urban Canine was built on the foundation that dogs are social beings who thrive in a routine of appropriate exercise, clear and consistent rules/boundaries, balanced social interactions and calm leadership. Our dedication to that foundation for over a decade of providing professional services, paired with our expertise and private facility, has helped facilitate the incredible success we have had in working with dogs of all ages, breeds and dispositions.

Owner/Operator Emily Cole has spent her entire life working and volunteering in Ottawa’s animal care industry; she was blessed to grow up in Kanata surrounded by creatures of all shapes, sizes and classifications and spent her youth volunteering with local ranches, humane societies and wildlife rescues. During her post-secondary education, where she did her thesis on “The Impact of Companion Animals on Human Health”,  Emily also worked for many years in the field of pet health and nutrition while she continued to engage in canine and equine rescue, rehabilitation and behaviour modification. Shortly after graduating from Carleton’s B.A. (honours) Psychology program, Emily founded Urban Canine and has since continued her education in the areas of human and animal behaviour, health, nutrition, exercise physiology and holistic healing practices by taking on-going courses from many industry leaders across the world.

Our expertise and passion for dogs paired with our genuine dedication to our human clientele makes Urban Canine a great choice for anyone looking for professional dog walking or dog training services in the Ottawa area; we truly believe our services can help improve your quality of life and that of your furry friend!!